Lil Baby, whose real name is Dominique Armani Jones, is a popular American rapper and songwriter. He rose to fame with his mixtape Harder Than Hard and has since released several hit albums like My Turn and Too Hard. Despite his success in the music industry, Lil Baby is a devoted family man. He had his first child when he was only 19 years old, and his family has been growing ever since.

In this article, we take a closer look at Lil Baby’s adorable family life and how he manages to balance his career with his family responsibilities.

Early Life and Family:

Lil Baby was born on December 3, 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up in a rough neighborhood and had a tough upbringing. At the age of 19, he became a father, and his life changed forever. He wanted to give his son a better life, so he started to focus on his music career.

Lil Baby’s first child’s mother is unknown, but he has been open about his relationship with her. He has often mentioned her in his songs, and it’s clear that they have a good co-parenting relationship. In an interview with The Breakfast Club in February 2020, Lil Baby said that he is grateful for his ex and that they have a great relationship.

Growing Family:

In 2018, Lil Baby started dating a woman named Jayda Cheaves. They met on social media, and soon after, they started a relationship. Jayda has been a huge support system for Lil Baby and has been by his side throughout his career.

In February 2019, Jayda gave birth to their first child together, a son named Loyal Armani. Lil Baby was overjoyed to become a father for the second time, and he has been an attentive and loving father to Loyal.

In June 2020, Lil Baby and Jayda welcomed their second child, a daughter named Jaelyn. Lil Baby shared the news on Instagram, saying, “Welcome to the world my princess Jaelyn. I love you.” He also posted a photo of himself holding his newborn daughter, looking like a proud father.

The couple is also not shy to show their love for each other on social media. They have often shared photos of themselves enjoying quality time together, going on vacations, and attending events.

Balancing Career and Family:

Lil Baby has been able to balance his successful music career with his family life. He has often said that being a father is the most important thing to him, and he has made sure to be present for his children as much as possible.

In an interview with GQ in March 2020, Lil Baby said that he tries to spend as much time with his kids as he can when he’s home. “I’ll play with them all day until I gotta go back to work,” he said. “I try to make the most of my time with them to show them that I love them.”

Lil Baby has also been open about his struggles with parenthood and fatherhood. In an interview with The Fader in 2018, he said, “It’s hard being a parent, but it’s something that I love doing…It’s a 24/7 job, and it’s not like a job you can clock out of. You have to be there for your kids no matter what.”


Q: How many children does Lil Baby have?
A: Lil Baby has three children. His first child’s mother is unknown, he has a son with Jayda Cheaves named Loyal Armani, and a daughter named Jaelyn.

Q: Is Lil Baby married?
A: Lil Baby is not married. He has been in a long-term relationship with Jayda Cheaves.

Q: What is Lil Baby’s net worth?
A: Lil Baby’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Q: How does Lil Baby balance his music career and family life?
A: Lil Baby tries to spend as much time with his kids as he can when he’s home. He has also been open about his struggles with parenthood and fatherhood.

Q: Does Lil Baby have any upcoming projects?
A: Lil Baby recently released his album My Turn in 2020 and has not announced any upcoming projects.


Lil Baby may be a successful rapper, but his family is the most important thing to him. He has been able to balance his career and family life, showing that he is a devoted father and partner. With the growth of his family, it’s clear that Lil Baby’s love for his children and partner only continues to grow. We wish him and his family all the best.

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