If you are a fan of the Super Smash Bros series, you may have come across Bayonetta, a character that has caused a lot of controversy among the competitive community.

Many players consider her to be one of the most powerful characters in the game, and some even claim that she is “busted.”

But what makes Bayonetta so overpowered, and why do players consider her to be a problem?

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind Bayonetta’s dominance in Super Smash Bros and why she has earned the reputation of being “busted.”


Bayonetta is a character that was introduced in Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS.

She is the main protagonist of the Bayonetta series, a game developed by PlatinumGames.

Bayonetta is known for her long-range attacks, mobility, and combo potential. Her gameplay revolves around using Witch Time, a mechanic that slows down time, and her Bullet Arts, which allow her to fire projectiles from her guns.

Bayonetta’s moveset makes her a formidable opponent, and many players believe that she is overpowered compared to other characters in the game.

What Makes Bayonetta So Powerful?

Witch Time

One of the main reasons why Bayonetta is so powerful is because of her Witch Time mechanic.

When Bayonetta successfully dodges an attack, time slows down for her opponent, allowing her to punish them with a devastating combo.

Witch Time lasts longer the higher the percentage of damage the opponent has, making it a lethal tool in Bayonetta’s arsenal.

This mechanic gives Bayonetta a significant advantage over other characters, as she can easily punish their mistakes and deal massive damage.

Combo Potential

Bayonetta’s combo potential is another reason why she is so strong.

Her moveset allows her to string together multiple attacks, dealing massive damage to her opponents. Bayonetta’s attacks can also be canceled into each other, allowing her to continue her combo even if her opponent tries to escape.

This makes her a nightmare to fight against, as a single mistake can lead to a long and painful combo.

Long-Range Attacks

Bayonetta’s long-range attacks are also a significant factor in her strength. She can fire bullets from her guns, which can be used to interrupt her opponent’s attacks and set up combos.

Bayonetta can also use her aerial attacks to cover a lot of ground quickly, making it difficult for her opponents to approach her.

Her long-range attacks make it challenging for her opponents to get close to her and deal damage.


Bayonetta’s mobility is unmatched in Super Smash Bros. She can double jump, glide through the air, and even climb walls.

Her mobility allows her to avoid her opponent’s attacks and position herself for a counterattack.

Bayonetta’s mobility makes her a challenging opponent to pin down and attack.

Why Do Players Consider Bayonetta To Be “Busted”?

Overpowered Mechanics

Bayonetta’s Witch Time mechanic is one of the main reasons why players consider her to be “busted.”

It gives her an unfair advantage over her opponents, allowing her to deal massive damage with little effort.

Her long-range attacks and mobility only add to this advantage, making her an incredibly difficult opponent to beat.

Lack of Counterplay

Another reason why players consider Bayonetta to be “busted” is because of the lack of counterplay against her moves.

Bayonetta’s Witch Time mechanic can be frustrating to play against, as it can be triggered by any attack that hits her shield.

This makes it difficult for players to pressure Bayonetta, as any attack can potentially lead to a Witch Time combo.

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