Pikachu’s Speed and Agility are Unmatched on the N64

Pikachu’s Speed

Pikachu’s speed is unmatched in Super Smash Bros. N64. Its quickness enables it to dodge attacks, move across the stage with ease and launch lightning-fast attacks. Pikachu’s dash attack is one of the quickest in the game, making it a potent option for hit-and-run strategies.

Pikachu’s Agility

Pikachu’s agility is another characteristic that makes it such a top-tier character in the game. Its moveset includes several aerial attacks that are both quick and powerful, allowing Pikachu to control the air and take advantage of opponents from above. Additionally, Pikachu’s recovery move, Quick Attack, lets it quickly zip back to the stage from off-stage positions.

Pikachu’s Lightweight

Another aspect of Pikachu’s character that contributes to its speed and agility is its lightweight. As one of the smallest characters in the game, Pikachu can move around swiftly and avoid attacks while also being able to recover quickly from knockbacks. Its small size also makes it difficult for opponents to hit, further emphasising Pikachu’s manoeuvrability and evasiveness.

Thunder Jolt: One of Pikachu’s Most Versatile Moves

Thunder Jolt: One of Pikachu’s Most Versatile Moves

Pikachu’s Thunder Jolt is a projectile attack that involves sending an electrical charge towards the opponent. This move has a number of benefits, including its versatility in both offensive and defensive situations.

Offensive Use of Thunder Jolt

One way to use Thunder Jolt offensively is to send the charge towards the opponent while they are recovering from being knocked off the stage. This can disrupt their recovery and potentially lead to an early KO. The move can also be used to pressure opponents and force them into making mistakes by limiting their movement options.

Defensive Use of Thunder Jolt

Thunder Jolt can also be used defensively to keep opponents at bay and create space between Pikachu and the opponent. This can give Pikachu time to set up other attacks or recover from being hit. The move can also be used to edge guard and prevent opponents from grabbing onto the ledge.

Overall, Thunder Jolt is a versatile move that can benefit Pikachu in a variety of situations. Its flexibility makes it a valuable asset for players looking to master Pikachu’s moveset.

Pikachu’s Up-Special: Quick Attack

Quick Attack: A Quick and Versatile Recovery Move

Pikachu’s up-special move, Quick Attack, is one of the most versatile and useful moves in Super Smash Bros. N64. It allows Pikachu to quickly move in any direction, making it an essential move for both recovery and approach.

Multiple Uses of Quick Attack

One of the best things about Quick Attack is that it can be used in a variety of situations. It can be used as a recovery move to help Pikachu get back onto the stage quickly. It can also be used as an approach tool, allowing Pikachu to quickly close the distance between them and their opponent. Additionally, Quick Attack can also be used as a mix-up option during combat, allowing Pikachu to quickly move around their opponent and create openings for attacks.

Quick and Hard to Punish

Another advantage of Quick Attack is how fast it is. It’s one of the fastest moves in the game, making it incredibly difficult to punish. This means that Pikachu can use it frequently without worrying about taking damage in return. Additionally, Quick Attack covers a lot of ground quickly, making it even harder to predict and punish.

Electric-Type Attacks: A Unique Advantage

Thunder Jolt: A Powerful Projectile

One of the biggest advantages that Pikachu has in Super Smash Bros. N64 is its ability to use electric-type attacks. Electric-type attacks have a unique advantage as they can stun opponents, allowing for follow-up attacks or even KO opportunities.

One of Pikachu’s most powerful electric-type attacks is Thunder Jolt. This move sends a projectile of electrical energy towards opponents, dealing damage and causing them to flinch. It can be used to edge guard opponents attempting to recover, or as a zoning tool to control space. Additionally, Thunder Jolt can be angled up or down to catch opponents off guard.

Quick Attack: A Versatile Recovery Tool

Pikachu’s electric-type attacks aren’t just useful for offensive play. Quick Attack, Pikachu’s recovery move, also deals electric damage to opponents on contact. This move allows for vertical and horizontal recovery options, making it difficult for opponents to edge guard Pikachu.

Furthermore, Quick Attack can be used as a surprise attack on opponents, as it can go through platforms and hit opponents below. It can also be used to mix up Pikachu’s approach options, as it can quickly close in on opponents or retreat to a safer distance.

Thunder: A Risky but Rewarding Finisher

Pikachu’s electric-type moveset also includes Thunder, a powerful finishing move that deals massive damage and knockback. However, this move is risky to use, as Pikachu must first use its down special move, Thunderbolt, to create a thundercloud above itself.

Once the thundercloud appears, Pikachu can use Thunder to strike opponents with a powerful bolt of lightning. This move is most effective when opponents are at high percentages or when Pikachu has successfully set up the thundercloud trap. Using Thunder requires good timing and prediction, but can lead to satisfying KOs when executed correctly.

Pikachu’s Recovery Game is Strong

Quick Recovery Moves

Pikachu has some of the fastest and most effective recovery moves in the game, especially when it comes to vertical recovery. Its up+b move Thunder is not only a powerful attack but also a great recovery move that can give Pikachu a huge boost upwards. Additionally, Pikachu’s down+b move, Skull Bash, is also useful for horizontal recovery as it allows the character to quickly zip across the screen.

Jumps and Wall Jumping

Pikachu’s recovery game is not only limited to its special moves. Pikachu is also an agile jumper, with multiple jumps at its disposal. With its double jump and angled jumps, Pikachu can easily reach the edges of the stage and recover without much trouble. Moreover, Pikachu is one of the few characters that can wall jump, allowing the character to use walls to gain extra height and safely recover back on stage.

Edge Guarding and Edge Trapping

While Pikachu has a strong recovery game, it can also excel in edge guarding and trapping its opponents. Pikachu’s forward and back aerials are fast and powerful, making them great for intercepting opponents trying to recover. Additionally, Pikachu’s neutral b move, Thunder Jolt, can be used to trap opponents on the edge of the stage, making it harder for them to recover safely. With all these tools, Pikachu can not only recover reliably but also put pressure on its opponents while they try to do the same.

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