Are you wondering whether you’re hanging out with a hardcore gamer? Here are a few signs to help you identify the undeniable traits of someone who lives and breathes gaming.

1. Console or PC Discussion

When in the company of a hardcore gamer, it won’t take long before the discussion shifts towards their preferred gaming platform. Discussions about console versus PC gaming are a common occurrence in such a setting. The hardcore gamer will have a strong opinion on the matter and will be more than happy to share it.

2. Game Titles and Genres

Gamers who know their trade have an intimate knowledge of the games’ titles and genres. In the company of hardcore gamers, references to games like Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto, and World of Warcraft are commonplace. They also have knowledge of various genres, from FPS, RPG, to MMO.

3. Hours Spent Gaming

Hardcore gamers are known for their gaming marathons. They spend several hours or even days playing continuously without taking a break. In the company of a hardcore gamer, you’ll soon discover that time is measured in hours, not minutes. If they play for hours on end, they are sure to keep you entertained with stories of their in-game achievements.

4. Gaming Accessories

If you’re looking to identify a hardcore gamer, look for someone who takes gaming accessories very seriously. They usually have a setup that involves a gaming mouse, keyboard, headset, and controller. They might even have specialized controllers for specific games or a particular console. They will also have a gaming chair that looks like they mean business.

5. Game Jargon

Gamers have their own language and jargon that’s unique to the gaming community. In the company of a hardcore gamer, you will hear them speak of things like “spawning,” “respawning,” “point-and-click,” and “grinding.” This unique language is indicative of a gamer who knows their trade and has been around long enough to understand the words’ true meaning.


Q. Is a hardcore gamer the same as a professional gamer?

A. No, a hardcore gamer is someone who spends a lot of time gaming and has a deep love for the hobby. A professional gamer is someone who makes a living by playing games and competing in various tournaments.

Q. Can girls be hardcore gamers?

A. Absolutely, the gender divide in gaming is slowly disappearing, and more women are identifying as hardcore gamers.

Q. Is it okay to ask to join a hardcore gamer’s game?

A. It’s okay to ask, but be prepared for rejection. Hardcore gamers can be protective of their gaming time and associated achievements.

Q. Is it possible to play games for too long?

A. Yes, it is possible to play games for too long. Hardcore gamers should take breaks and not let gaming consume their entire lives.

Q. Is it possible to become a hardcore gamer late in life?

A. Yes, it is never too late to become a hardcore gamer. You just need to find the right games that resonate with you and commit enough time.


Being in the company of a hardcore gamer is exciting. These individuals have a deep love of gaming that’s contagious. If you’re ever in the presence of a hardcore gamer, be prepared to soak in the game talk, unique jargon, and hear tales of their memorable gaming experiences. Remember, gaming is not just a hobby, but a culture that’s here to stay.

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