From Heart-Pounding Action to Emotional Resolutions, How It Ends 2 Delivers

How It Ends 2 is a Netflix sequel to the 2018 movie ‘How it Ends’. This movie places its emphasis on disaster-struck America and follows the journey of a desperate father who tries to reunite with his pregnant wife in Seattle amidst an apocalyptic environment. The movie deviates from its predecessor in that, instead of finding a way to restart life in a new colony, the movie focuses on ‘how it ends’.

This movie is an action-packed experience that takes you from the East Coast to the West Coast of America. It’s packed with tough decisions, life-threatening situations, loyalty, and friendship. The movie characterizes survival fear, making the audience hold on to their hats. So, how does How It Ends 2 do so well at delivering an intense plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat?

#1: The Plot

How it Ends 2’s plot picks up right where its predecessor left off. Adam, the movie’s protagonist, receives an unexpected call from Sam, his girlfriend. On the phone, Sam informs him of an upcoming super volcano that will erupt, causing the apocalypse. Sam needs Adam to meet her in Seattle, where they can start anew in a new colony and rebuild their life together.

The journey is particularly tough since Adam and Sam are on the East Coast and must pass through a ravaged America to reach Seattle. The story offers twists and turns, which make it unpredictable for its viewers.

#2: The Characterization

The movie’s three main characters include Adam, Sam, and a stranger named Jeremiah. Adam drives Sam’s father’s car, while Sam is holed up in a safe enclave. Jeremiah is an ex-convict who crosses paths with Adam on his journey to Seattle in search of his daughter.

The character journeys in How It Ends 2, evolve significantly. For Adam, the journey provides him with an opportunity to find his feet after making poor decisions in the past. Sam’s character also evolves, portraying her as a strong woman who refuses to suffer at the apocalypse’s hands. Jeremiah’s journey shows that beneath a bad guy façade lies a heart that genuinely cares about his only family.

#3: The Soundtrack

The score enhances the viewing experience. From the commencement, the movie’s music cues the viewer into the reality that something troublesome is nearby, setting an intense mood for the audience. The soundtrack enhances the action sequences and supports the emotional moments, taking the movie up another level.

The movie has a stellar track, an intriguing score by Victor Reyes, who also scored How It Ends. The score drives audiences through the scenes, hinting that something is lurking right around the corner.

#4: The Cinematography

The cinematography is a stand-out across the movie. The movie is a visual treat, with shots ranging from summer-brown hills to snow-covered mountains. The stunning visuals provide the necessary aesthetic for a post-apocalyptic setting. The environments of the film are diverse and immersive, with the bleak atmosphere and zombie-like creatures.

The film’s action sequences are engaging, and the audience’s eyes don’t miss one shot or action scene. Both the camera work and the editing enrich the experience of watching this movie.

#5: The Acting

The layered characters in the movie are brought to life by the performances of the actors. Forest Whitaker delivers a remarkable performance that drives the story. Theo James, who stars as Adam, displays a broad emotional range, depicting a lost soul. Even the minor performances were excellent, with Kat Graham’s acting, portraying Sam’s desperation as she waits for Adam to arrive.


1. Is How It Ends 2 a good film?

Yes, How It Ends 2 is a well-made apocalyptic movie that will keep you at the edge of your seats. The movie combines strong characterization, visual appeal, and storytelling that will engage you throughout.

2. What is the plot of How It Ends 2?

How it Ends 2 picks up where How it Ends left off. Adam receives a call from his girlfriend Sam, informing him of an impending super volcano that will cause an apocalypse. The couple must reunite so they can start a new life in Seattle.

3. Is How It Ends 2 worth a watch?

Yes, this movie is worth a watch. It combines stunning visuals with an intense storyline that pulls you in and never lets go.


How It Ends 2 is an intense, apocalyptic thriller that guarantees you a good time. The movie delivers great characterization, a stunning musical score, and an engrossing plot. If you’re looking for an action-packed experience that takes you from the East Coast to the West Coast of America and all the emotional twists and turns in between, How It Ends 2 is the movie to watch.

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