Keeping the Crown Safe: Clever Ways to Protect the Emperor’s Offspring

The safety of the crown is of paramount importance. As an emperor, ensuring that your offspring are safe is crucial, as their safety is directly linked to the future of your dynasty. There are several ways you can take to protect your children from potential threats and ensure the continuity of your reign. Below are some of the clever ways to ensure that your offspring is safe:

1. Ensure their safety with trained guards
Your offspring’s safety begins with having well-trained, skilled guards. These guards should be thoroughly vetted, with strong loyalty to your family. The guards may be ex-military or from a reputable private security firm. Ensure that they are highly skilled in unarmed combat, marksmanship, and tactical skills that can respond quickly to potential threats.

2. Secure the Imperial Palace
As the seat of power and residence of the Emperor’s family, the Imperial Palace must be secure. The castle should have highly trained guards who monitor and screen all visitors, including staff. The palace should also have a state-of-the-art surveillance system that is routinely checked, maintained and has emergency backup generators to ensure its effectiveness 24/7. The entrances of the palace should also have security features like metal detectors and X-ray machines as additional means of vetting all entering personnel.

3. Limit public appearances
Keep public appearances that are unnecessary to a minimum. The emperor’s offspring should only be seen in public at crucial state ceremonies and celebrations. This is an important way to limit their exposure to potential threats. All public activities should be screened and planned cautiously. Where possible, officials should consider using armored vehicles with bulletproof windows, run-flat tires, and a reinforced chassis.

4. Implement strict protocols for visits and visitors
Anyone visiting the Imperial Palace must follow the protocol. Visitors must provide their identification, a reference from a credible establishment before entry to the palace. All arrivals would have their credentials and luggage checked for prohibited items. Upon entry, all individuals would be escorted and would not have access to restricted areas without matching access cards. These strict protocols limit the risk of an intruder with malicious intentions getting close to the emperor’s offspring.

5. Educate your offspring
Start teaching your offspring about safety as early as possible. Teach them, among other things, how to recognize and react to potential security threats. Inform them of the reasons why certain decisions such as their limited public activity is to protect them and their families’ welfare. They should also know how to avoid potentially hazardous locations and persons, ensuring that their motorcade’s security features are compulsory as well.

6. Encourage privacy
It is important to recognize the privacy of the emperor’s offspring regarding their social lives. It would be best if they are not exposed to social gatherings, particularly unsupervised parties and activities since they could lose control in their surroundings. They should have a trustworthy circle who can serve as a kind of eyes and ears for you to help ensure their social and personal well-being.

7. Establish safe evacuation procedures
In case of emergencies, well-planned evacuation procedures must be in place to guarantee the rapid escape of the emperor’s offspring from the palace. These procedures include safe and secure escape routes, transport, and safe havens. These plans should be practised often enough, so everyone understands what to do in case of emergencies, ensuring that all family members are close to one another.

8. Keep the media under control
Controlling the media is crucial. Only allow journalists who are prolific about their background and have been thoroughly vetted to cover anything related to the Emperor’s family and establishment. Journalists must stick to the media guidelines issued, and any media coverage that deviates from the guidelines should be sanctioned. It would be best if you had either a palace spokesperson or your secretary handle all media interactions and the communication channel used.

9. Use technology
Technology can be an essential aid in protecting the emperor’s offspring. For instance, wearable tech may be used to track the offspring’s location that sends signals to the palace’s security department in case they go out of a safe zone. The use of smart cameras with real-time monitoring and facial recognition of individuals accessing secure areas of the palace can also enhance the security of the establishment.

10. Have security drills
Even with all the measures in place, circumstances arise that may threaten the safety of the emperor’s offspring. It would be best if you practised panic drills, testing the effectiveness of various security systems to evaluate how they perform in intense situations. Proactively practicing for various emergency situations would enable these safety protocols to become muscle memory among the palace personnel.


1. What security measures can I take to protect my children?
You can train and secure the palace guards effectively, minimize public appearances in public events, establish strict protocols for visitors, encourage privacy, have safe evacuation procedures, keep the media controlled, use technology, and have security drills.

2. How can I teach my child about safety?
Start early, teaching them how to recognize and respond to potential security threats, discourage them from attending unsupervised social events and committing to a small set of trusted companions you know well.

3. Can technology be used for security purposes?
Yes, wearable tech, smart cameras with facial recognition, and real-time monitoring are ways that technology can be used for security purposes.

4. What other security measures should be taken to protect the Emperor’s family?
The Emperors’ family should have a trustworthy circle including the Imperial security personnel serving as their “eyes and ears” to ensure their welfare. It would be best if you also limited access to specific areas, have a safe communication plan, and keep a low profile while in public.

5. How often should panic drills be practised for emergency situations?
To ensure the optimal functionality of each security protocol, drills should be performed as often as necessary to become muscle memory within the selection of participating personnel.

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